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Let the Games Begin….

Been a while since we did a post rounding up where we’re at and what we’re upto and so here goes.

A new toy.

I have recently (as in today) put us on Storify – a cool new website which lets you find what people are saying about you across Social Networks and then paste them on to one big board and share it – it’s basically like an egotists “chufty badge”.

We will be creating a board each week that we will share so get talking about us and you could feature.

Here is this weeks

Where’s the Bloody Vinyl?

A question on everyone’s lips – but the Vinyl release of “Painting Pictures” should finally be in March. After a few issues with a previous supplier we are looking to release around 200 copies on a first come first served basis. Keep an eye out on here and our social media for news of the release date as and when we get it.

New Gigs

We’ve already confirmed and put up dates of gigs already confirmed this year on our cunningly titled “upcoming gigs” page – but it doesn’t end there – no siree Bob. As soon as we put that up we now have another London gig waiting to go up along with some excellent support and headline slots lined up across the UK. Again, we need to get the nod from the promoters to release the details, but when we do – you’ll love it!

New Tunes –  The Time Was Found and Well Spent.

One of the hardest aspects of our busy live schedule last year was finding the time to pen some new stuff. Well over Christmas and the New Year – while you were all tucking into your turkey and other excesses we were busy finishing some glorious flurries of groovy fuzz to be able to give you all something for your ears to caress this year.

We believe in our 3 new tracks – to be aired first in London on February 21st – that we have crafted some classic tunes that raise our bar once more.

If you do make it down to any of our gigs coming up, please be sure to leave us your comments about the new tracks. 

That’s All Folks

For now. Not for good.





Painting Pictures Reviews

With the digital release of Painting Pictures back in December we have been touched by the kind reviews from some very notable blog writers with reputations for championing great new music. Here are the latest 2 from the fantastic Jason Wynne at Louder Than War and Linn Branson at Little Indie Blogs.

To read the reviews click on the images below.

Painting Pictures Review Painting Pictures Review